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Ludovic Roth and the Cider Group transformed a former Paris silk factory into offices for AMRAE.


Architect : Ludovic Roth

Type : Fittings and furnishings
Location : IV arrondissement of Paris
Surface area : 550 m2
Sector of activity : Association focused on Risk Management

© Thomas Lang

The project

The notion of risk is at the heart of the mission of this association, which focuses on risk management, internal control and audit, insurance, legal and ethical aspects… When Amrae turned to Ludovic Roth with the task of finding the ideal location in central Paris to welcome its teams and the public, while conveying its values and echoing its vocation, the interior architect and designer gladly accepted the challenge.

The Cider Group’s teams contributed to this project by offering a layout adapted to this atypical location and to the needs of a workspace.

We integrated office furniture and premium pieces for optimum employee comfort.

The challenges

The specifications called for a modular training area to welcome the public, capable of accommodating between 5 and 30 people depending on the training course. Modularity and mobility were also to apply to the offices of the 15-strong permanent team, to encourage them to make the space their own as and when required. This flexibility of adaptation echoes the qualities intrinsic to the mission of Amrae, the leading French trade association for the corporate risk and insurance professions.

“This old factory still had its parquet floors and some of its original furnishings, which it was important to preserve and make cohabit with contemporary equipment. The charm of the old comes with its share of constraints: none of the walls were straight, and the structure didn’t lend itself to modularity. But we made the decision to preserve this historic setting and, more than simply enhance it, to defend it.”

In the office as in the garden : an original concept

With a tight schedule and a budget initially earmarked for a more linear project, and an injunction to think outside the box in order to renew the teams’ enthusiasm, each architectural element was custom-designed to capture the space. Oliver Wild was keen to infuse Maison Amrae with the spirit that drives its members, in his own words “players of the future, keen to promote responsible risk management, mindful of the context, the dialogue, the real issues.” But also to galvanize them, to bring them together by proposing a different way of working, “to give a kick in the anthill”. Ludovic Roth has translated this desire into his bespoke architecture, opting for an original approach.

“I suggested using the architectural vocabulary of a garden. A bar, a lounge area and a kitchen are arranged around the central hopper, followed by open spaces and training areas designed like garden greenhouses. The office furniture, borrowed from the outdoor world, is made entirely in Italy. Plants adorn the premises. The atmosphere is conducive to concentration, while adding a touch of originality capable of motivating a change in working habits.

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