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We stand out in the furniture market thanks to our own furniture publishing house, Cider Edition, which enables us to create and innovate in a short time. As a furniture publisher, Cider accompanies designers from the design stage through to marketing. The publisher can also produce under its own name. This is the case with Cider’s publishing house.





We are constantly updating our offer, paying particular attention to the criteria of ergonomics, comfort, durability of the products, quality/price ratio, acoustic protection and environmental commitments such as the NF Environment standard, FSC or the Ecovadis label. Each product is entirely handmade and combines the quality potential of the artisanal workshop with industrial production techniques. The products of Cider Édition are sophisticated, unassuming and pronounced in their lines. They have a real singularity and history, closely linked to the nature of the collaborations with the designers that accompany them.


Our publishing house also offers a space of expression to its designers, by exhibiting their creations in our showrooms.

We support companies in the evolution of their work spaces by selecting or developing furniture adapted to each project. Explore our emblematic references.




100% French design and 100% Italian manufacture.
Cider stands out in the furniture market thanks to its own furniture publishing house, Cider Edition. The furniture is specifically designed to meet the needs of the sector’s players: architectural firms, companies, communities and employees.


In addition to its publishing and distribution catalogue, Cider’s design office is able to develop customised products that can be industrialised, aesthetically pleasing and functional, and with short lead times. We pay particular attention to the criteria of evolution of uses, ergonomics, eco-responsibility and durability of products, at the right price.


We source high quality, sustainable materials exclusively from Europe, mainly from Italy, allowing us to offer short lead times and reduce our carbon footprint.


Within the sales team, a single contact person, dedicated to your project, will accompany you throughout the project.


Thanks to our in-house creative team – made up of 3D designers and graphic artists – we model your project to help you project it. These very realistic models are also a lever for change management for your teams.


Our integrated logistics consists of a team trained in the delivery, assembly and inspection of Cider installations. It ensures a quality service, without any break in the load, throughout the country.


In spite of all the attention paid to the entire chain, we guarantee you a reactive and efficient after-sales service to resolve any malfunctions that may occur on your site.

Handcrafted know-how

It is a strong and human link that binds us to Italy and its factories. Years of loyalty with our suppliers, designers, craftsmen and employees. Here, the intelligence of the handmade is combined with industrial precision to give our products an extra soul. Each piece is carefully designed and finished in a responsible manner.





Location: Treviso, Italy

Creation: 40 years of experience

Specialty: Wooden furniture and trays

Surface area: 30,000 m2

Production capacity: 7000 trays / week

Employees: 200


Respect for the environment around us is one of the most important values of the factory. Wood and its derivatives, obtained mainly from wood waste, wood shavings and sawdust, are the materials that the company works with the most. All waste is recycled.


Our factory also strives to use eco-sustainable raw materials, trying to reduce the use of natural resources as much as possible.


It has been assessed and certified as compliant with the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council® A.C. Chain of Custody, and has obtained ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management.



Since 1980, we have been designing our products with equal regard for use and aesthetics. A company that embodies “Made in Italy”, and that carefully selects every material and process. Combining technological experience and craftsmanship, it produces quality, beauty and unique details.


It is a modern carpenter’s workshop, capable of creating any wooden furniture product and specialised in the treatment of panels and solid wood by turning, moulding and shaping. A factory that works with multiple materials using industrial and artisanal techniques. They invest in state-of-the-art technology to guarantee the best equipment and to guarantee the best equipment and high quality production.



Committed to quality, safety and the environment, the factory has been certified as meeting the requirements of :

  • FSC, Forest Stewardship Council® chain of custody, _ for responsible sourcing of wood from eco-managed forests in Europe
  • ISO 14001 for its “Environmental Management System
  • ISO 9001 for its “Quality Management System
  • and ISO 45001 for its “Health and Safety Management System”.

Location: Cueno, Italy

Establishment: + 35 years of experience

Speciality: Metal structures

Surface area: 10,000 m2

Production capacity: 2,900 trays / week

Employees: 48 employees


A factory projected towards an industrial dimension, but anchored in the world of the workshop and its values: passion, precision and flexibility. The production, finishing and the selection of almost all raw materials are carried out in Italy.


A tool park at the cutting edge of technology and technique. The machines have been renewed for epoxy powder coating, laser cutting and automated sheet metal bending. New robots were also introduced for welding and brushing.



The plant has obtained the highest rating for commercial reliability from CRIBIS, a company specialised in providing financial information on Italian and foreign companies.


In terms of resources, the plant uses metal, a recycled and recyclable material. It works towards the responsible use of water and energy resources, and ensures the reduction of its packaging by favouring cardboard. The paint used on the metal parts is ROHS, REECH, and SVH certified and has obtained the A and E1 classification.


The factory is committed to acting ethically towards its customers and suppliers and to respecting human rights in all its activities, in order to guarantee a safe, healthy and pleasant environment for its employees.


Location: Padua, Italy
Creation: 30 years of experience
Speciality: Coating and foam of seats and acoustic panels
Surface area: 1,000 m2
Production capacity: 690 pieces / week


The reliability and know-how of our upholstery factory make it the ideal partner for projects in the hotel, restaurant and office sectors. Their work all over the world bears the hallmark of Italian quality.



Our factory is committed to respecting resources, separability of components and recyclability of materials at the end of their life in order to reduce its impact. It is committed to reduce the use of natural resources as much as possible, e.g. water is not used in our production cycle.


All components are present within the limits of the quantities allowed by European regulations.


The materials evaluated do not contain any carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic chemicals. Neoprene adhesives are water-based. Polyurethane foams are free of hazardous substances, CFCs and chlorinated solvents