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For the past 10 years, Cider Publishing has been assisting companies, from SMEs to large groups, with their workspace design and furniture renewal projects.


Flex Office, Home Office, coworking space, informal areas… Cider is at the heart of the transformations taking place in working environments and is in constant contact with the field.


A real incubator for high-potential designers, it strives to bring out and promote their creativity by co-developing collections of furniture that meet new needs, combining aesthetics, functionality, user-friendliness and modularity. Thanks to our publishing house, we offer tailor-made designs for unique and innovative projects co-constructed with our clients and in collaboration with independent design studios.

Born from the association of design enthusiasts with the ambition to reinvent work spaces for the benefit of the user’s well-being, Cider is a French publishing house of design furniture. We accompany companies of all sizes in their furnishing and layout projects to co-invent spaces where it is good to live and work!


Thanks to our publishing house, Cider Edition, we offer tailor-made designs for unique and innovative projects co-constructed with our clients and in collaboration with independent design studios. A real incubator for high-potential designers, it strives to bring out and promote their creativity by co-developing furniture collections that respond to new uses, combining aesthetics, functionality, user-friendliness and modularity.





Passionate about design, fashion and architecture, Robert Acouri does not claim to be a creator but resolutely defends creation and emphasises the importance and pleasure of making and manufacturing in a logic of better living space. A polyglot globetrotter with an irresistible wit, Robert Acouri began his professional career at the Monte Carlo Opera House! This was a rather atypical entry into the world of architecture for a university graduate specialising in business administration and business, whose stay in contact with the greatest names in opera would irrevocably mark his taste for pomp and creation. His career path crossed the paths of several top-of-the-range Monegasque, Milanese and Parisian ready-to-wear brands and led him – by chance of meetings – to the furniture and office fitting sector in 2002.


Robert Acouri and his team of talents, as he likes to call them, gravitate around the same objective: to strive to anticipate, sense future trends, and understand the structural evolutions of society, through the prism of furniture and the design of work environments.


“Companies today must make the younger generation want to spend time on their premises. To do this, they must recreate more attractive environments that encourage sharing, collaboration and productivity, and that are adapted to these new expectations, within a working environment that remains under control. our job consists of reconciling these different positions, according to the needs of each activity and each type of organisation.”



Cider is a family of about sixty employees who are enriched daily by their differences and who are united around common values, which drive us and bring us together: humility, audacity and customer culture.



Because we know where we come from. Nothing has been given to us. One project at a time, patiently. Our years of experience and sharing have taught us to constantly question ourselves, to be open-minded. We are grateful to our clients for making us work every day.




Audacity is the complementary quality to humility. It is this audacity that gives us the desire every day to surpass ourselves, to reinvent ourselves, to push back our limits and our barriers, to make curiosity a quality and to allow ourselves to step outside the box. We are singular, we claim it. We dare.


Customer culture


The customer is unique. The sense of service is not a corporate value that we must inculcate. Each employee lives these values that bring us together: this passion, this humanity, this humility, this audacity. For the benefit of the Customer and his family. Because our vision of success is global and goes beyond our economic results. Because we are committed to the environmental, social and societal performance of our activities. Because our ambition is to create long-term value for our customers, our employees, our shareholders, our partners and for society in general.

Workplaces must evolve into living spaces


In recent years, life has intruded into work and work into life, and the relationship with work has become more authentic and complete. As I work, I live: offices cannot continue the masquerade of splitting life in two but must instead vibrate with humanity and allow workers to experience both at the same time: performance and the charm of life.


The office becomes the cement of social links, the place where knowledge is transmitted and where innovation is born. It must be able to provide the extra soul and intelligence of use.


Almost a third of our time is spent at work. What if this environment were redesigned to guarantee us a better daily life?



The user is the priority


Whether it is a place of identity, affinity or even totemic, the office must be the cradle of employee fulfilment. The work spaces and the furniture that occupies them must be comfortable, safe and secure: ergonomic comfort, acoustic comfort, visual comfort, modularity and flexibility.


Cider’s offices are living showrooms: our employees test all our prototypes in use to ensure that the products we offer correspond to as many people as possible according to these criteria. Discover our showrooms here


A tailor-made service


Each story is unique, our service is reinvented each time. Because your request is unique, we co-create spaces that perfectly meet your needs thanks to customised solutions that can be industrialised.


Workspace design is a real strategic and managerial lever for companies. The quality and relevance of the work environment helps to recruit, reinforce the feeling of belonging, and increase productivity to attract and retain all your talents.


Respect for the environment is essential


Respecting the environment is a vector for success. This conviction guides the development of our publishing activity. Because we are committed to offering products that deeply embody who we are, we are involved in offering furniture that is an agent of change, respectful of the environment and the quality of life of its users.


The Cider Group’s mission is to make workplaces pleasant, sustainable and productive living spaces. Well-designed spaces encourage creativity, stimulate performance and develop a sense of ownership and belonging among all employees of a company. The design and furnishing of office spaces are formidable growth levers available to companies ready to build a better future. Discover our CSR commitments



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