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In Cider they trust

“Because it will always be our customers who will talk about it the best… “

“A relationship of trust has been established as Capza has been using Cider for the furniture for its projects since 2016. So naturally for this new project we worked with Cider for the fittings of our new offices”.

“We wanted our open innovation house to combine modernity and conviviality while optimising new uses. The layout was at the heart of the project and Cider provided valuable expertise.”

“We wanted a place that would allow us to integrate new employees in the best possible conditions and to share the emerging corporate culture with as many employees as possible.”

“The result of the design is very pleasing to the whole team. The whole team is very pleased with the result of the renovation! We feel very comfortable in our new premises and receive many compliments from our visitors. Thank you for your good ideas and creativity.”
Private Company

« En pensant à nos nouveaux bureaux et à la dynamique que nous voulions leur donner, nous avons voulu faire une place à la communauté Airbnb et aux amoureux du voyage au sens large. Nous sommes partis du constat qu’il y avait un réel besoin de lieux où se rencontrer et échanger et avons décidé de créer le Nid Airbnb, un ‘hub’ fédérateur et inspirant autour de cette passion commune. »

“In thinking about our new offices and the dynamic we wanted to give them, we wanted to make room for the Airbnb community and travel lovers in the broadest sense. We realised that there was a real need for places to meet and exchange ideas and decided to create the Airbnb Nest, a unifying and inspiring ‘hub’ around this shared passion.”
Alfea Consulting.