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The Cider Publishing House is part of the Cider Group.



The Cider Group is a global value proposition, made possible by its four complementary brands:

  • Cider, the publishing house for office furniture
  • La Manufacture, the premium furniture publisher
  • 2SW, the general contractor
  • Be my Desk, the e-commerce distributor of office furniture



Our renovation, design, fitting out and furnishing offers enable us to provide comprehensive support in France and abroad for your commercial, contract and residential projects. And co-create spaces where it is good to live… and work






The Cider publishing house supports service and contract companies in their interior design and furnishing projects. As a talent incubator, Cider collaborates with young, inspired and passionate designers to co-develop unique solutions with its clients.




About Cider




La Manufacture is a unique encounter between design and fashion. A publishing house where the je ne sais quoi of French allure is combined with the best of Italian know-how. A whole French art of living (re)interpreted by renowned international designers. The collections highlight excellent craftsmanship, timeless aesthetics and lasting quality.


To build this ambitious project that he has long imagined, its president Robert Acouri has been accompanied by a strong personality who is just as obstinate as he is: the designer Luca Nichetto – artistic director of La Manufacture.


And for their very first collection, the trio has managed to attract the trust of the finest on the international design scene: Oki Sato, founder of the Nendo studio, Byredo founder Ben Gorham, Patrick Norguet, Sebastian Herkner, Emma Boomkamp, Todd Bracher, Marco Dessí and ElenaSalmistraro. A real achievement for this small, fledgling company.


This joint project connects like-minded creative people from all over the world. A multiculturality that enriches the sharing of know-how dear to La Manufacture.




The backgrounds and fields of expertise of each designer blend harmoniously, giving life to a first collection where design and fashion coexist and complement each other.


La Manufacture is the place where the made-to-measure, the manufactured takes the lead over industrial production. Each piece is defined by its functionality, is thought out in its conception, is qualified by a precise and sharp choice of finishes, which reflect this requirement to always seek the best, the unique and the emotion. The intelligence of the “gesture”, of the handmade, is combined with industrial precision to bring an extra soul to this set of high quality products, which will enliven their environments, whether residential or contract.


Finally, La Manufacture is a physical location, ideally situated at number 3 of the rue Édouard VII, a pedestrian street in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. In the era of the concept store, it welcomes you in a boutique where hospitality is the order of the day. A privileged meeting place, inspiring for the customer who will live a singular experience. A showcase where the design and fashion collections are displayed and expressed in a sober and enveloping architecture. An apparent simplicity that hides an elegant sophistication.



About La Manufacture





Be My Desk’s mission is to assist companies in their transformation, by offering personalised and ergonomic layouts, with furniture that is differentiating and sustainable for health and the environment.


Whatever the size of your company, whether you are a young start-up, a small business, a liberal profession, or even a large account wishing to fit out lots or agencies, we do our utmost to find daring layout solutions for young start-ups, small businesses, liberal workers or even large accounts.


In addition to carefully selecting its partners, Be My Desk has developed its own range of products under the label “Création Be My Desk”, combining quality and aesthetics, while promoting well-being at work.




The values of Be My Desk are also its promises.


Proximity – Be My Desk is committed to building strong relationships with all its trusted partners, from product to delivery to assembly.


Audacity – Be My Desk combines risk-taking with success. This is also the entrepreneurial adventure. Boldness also manifests itself in the proposal of differentiating, colourful and vibrant furniture, which will also give its clients the courage and desire to dare in the projects they undertake.


Committed – Be My Desk is committed to its clients in terms of support, information and awareness. The furniture is selected with the client’s specific problems in mind, with a focus on the comfort and well-being of employees.


Finally, Be My Desk is committed to environmental protection by offering, thanks to our partners, the recovery and reuse of old furniture.



About Be My Desk