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Aménagement de l'agrandissemen des locaux


Architect : LM Architecture
Type : Office furniture, relaxation areas, reception
Location : IDF
Surface area: 650 m² (6,500 sq. ft.)
Sector of activity : Finance

Since its creation in 2004, Capza has established itself as the reference player in private investment in SMEs and ETIs. In full growth, the company has once again called on Cider and the architectural firm LM Architecture for the expansion of its offices located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris.


The context

The furnishings in this new wing were an opportunity for Cider to establish what has made its offices a signature: a place conducive to the development and stimulation of its eighty employees, a place that sets the tone and values of Capza, to welcome the community of entrepreneurs in which it invests.


Within a very short timeframe, the Cider teams applied themselves to the choice of furniture to reflect the direction taken by the LM Architecture firm. Right from the entrance, words resound to signify this atmosphere: one thinks of “confidence”, “intelligence” but also “warmth”. A refined simplicity based on openness that can be found throughout the spaces, from the reception hall adorned with wood to the large, very bright glass hall bordering the offices.

The spaces

To create this warm atmosphere, LM Architecture played with a predominantly blue colour, regularly accompanied by touches of wood, powdered pink or rosewood. Throughout the project, these secondary colours are used to soothe or awaken the spirits. With a client with strong taste, the Cider teams had a real pleasure in proposing qualitative and stylish furniture, always in accordance with the place and the use expected of it. In a continuum of clarity, thanks to a very luminous architectural ensemble – and reinforced by the choice of white and light grey on the ceilings and floors – the furniture choices sign for the Capza teams pleasant, comfortable spaces. Wood was chosen for its authenticity and warmth. The colour scheme expresses freshness and modernity, while always remaining zen.

The design

In the work areas, the overall impression is one of tranquillity and concentration. The sobriety and efficiency of the 1.618 workstations are complemented by slimline pedestals, a Cider Edition bestseller.
Acoustic booths punctuate the open space work areas, like comfortable islands of concentration. They reinforce the idea of productivity in the work of the teams.


In the formal meeting rooms, the design furniture embodies a certain timeless modernity: the Mila meeting chairs surround a majestic T’S walnut meeting table, with a tabletop that is softened at the corners and hides the cables and connections in its legs.


In another room, Mila chairs are again found, this time surrounding the elegant Monceau project table, with its black cigarette legs.

The world of Cider at the service of Capza

Finally, the client Capza’s desire to create warm and open spaces is strongly expressed in the new office spaces: the emphasis was placed on conviviality in the creation of numerous informal areas. These relaxation areas enhance the spaces, with furniture that invites discussion and exchange in a privileged but always benevolent and refined setting. It is therefore only logical to see the most beautiful pieces from the La Manufacture collection, such as the Calice armchair by Patrick Norguet and the Trio coffee table by Nendo.


For more lightness, you can also count on the mobile Valet sofa, the generous Kim seats, and the spectacular Queen wing chair, here in a bright yellow… invigorating!


The cafeteria, all blue and pink, mixes a “Diner” look with a “Memphis” style. A joie de vivre incarnate, both flirtatious and mischievous. The furniture also plays with wood, terrazzo, lacquer and metal. Enough to whet our appetites!

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