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Louis Denavaut

The interior architect and designer Louis Denavaut creates contrasting projects: boutiques, offices or private residences, fuelled by an artistic fibre, a non-conformist vision and a manifest curiosity. Louis Denavaut blossomed in the contemporary art world before turning to design and architecture. This experience has left a strong imprint on his work, which he continues to use in the design of his various projects. Trained at the Camondo school, where he learned to make this multidisciplinary profile his strength, Louis Denavaut developed his aesthetic vocabulary there in complete independence; he thus mastered all scales and destinations. After having designed luxury cosmetic boutiques in major Asian cities, Louis Denavaut experimented with office design, notably as a consultant for Louis Vuitton or by designing furniture for the HEC school, before founding his own architecture and design agency in 2018.

The design of objects plays a very important role in his understanding of space, and he draws a lot of them, whether for his personal research or his public and private interior projects. His various creations bear witness to a fair dialogue between technique and aesthetics, Louis Denavaut guides his clients towards a marked and unexpected universe while striving to find the right rhythm for a place and to prioritise its needs. He recognises himself in the radical and efficient Belgian school embodied by KGDVS or DVVT or in the work of Alvaar Aalto, one of his great references. Louis Denavaut likes to start from an ultra-real observation to distort it slightly and give it a new use, a way of conceiving interior architecture as an authorial gesture.


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