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New Ecological Initiative for the Cider Group: Revolutionising the destiny of our stored furniture ♻️

Dear fans of design and sustainability,

The Mission : In partnership with Reborn, we have undertaken to give new life to some of our products that are struggling to find takers. Reborn, a website specialising in furniture revitalisation, is teaming up with professional customers to showcase their products on their online platform, which will be successfully launched in December 2021.

We are delighted to announce a major project for the Cider Group! Our furniture, already manufactured and carefully stored in our warehouse, is going to be given a second life thanks to an innovative collaboration.

What is Reborn?

“Reborn is the platform for selling second-life furniture from your favourite furniture and decorating brands.”

A platform with a social and environmental stake that allows furniture professionals to resell their dormant stock (end of series, customer returns, display models, manufacturing defects) at their fair value and throughout France.

The promises :

  • Absolute confidence : thanks to secure transactions and responsive customer service.
  • Great deals : with almost new furniture at unbeatable prices.
  • Delivery solutions : Reborn delivers throughout France.

All this on an ergonomic platform that’s easy and fun to use.

Creativity for Sustainability : Driven by the desire to transform the furniture experience, Reborn is boldly embarking on this mission.

Their aim is clear : to give furniture a second chance while simplifying the buying process, making it accessible, transparent and affordable.

A step closer to Environmental Responsibility : This innovative collaboration represents a new way of aligning our environmental actions with the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). By taking part in this initiative, we are actively helping to reduce our ecological impact while offering sustainable and unique options to those looking for furniture with a story.

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting collaboration and the treasures you’ll soon be able to discover online!

🌳 The Cider Group, committed to a sustainable future 🌳

To discover our selection of furniture on the Reborn website, click here !