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Custom-made on 3 800m2 of floor space

Custom-made on 3 800m2 of floor space

2SW, Cider & La Manufacture
renovate the head office of a private Group and bring its 6 entities together on the same site.


Architect : Benoit Boselli

Type : Fittings and furnishings
Location : Paris
Surface area : 3 800 m2
Sector of activity : Confidential

© Julien Philippy

2SW ahead of the project

2SW, the Cider Group’s construction division, supervised the various phases of the works and the custom fit-out, perfectly adapted to the dimensions and functional constraints of the site.

A capacity study was carried out by 2SW to determine the customer’s space requirements.

More about 2SW here !

Harmony at every level

A strategic and collaborative approach was introduced to manage the changes resulting from this reorganization.

The objective was to create harmony across several floors in the layout of the Group’s head office, which was to bring together six different entities on a single site.

This project was achieved thanks to the union of our different teams, 2SW, Cider and La Manufacture.

The project

The main objective of this project was to improve well-being at work by creating practical and pleasant spaces adapted to the needs of each department.


The materials chosen, such as walnut wood and marble, were used to create an atmosphere of natural and comforting tones.

The head office covers several floors, providing a spacious and functional environment.

Relaxation areas have also been set up to offer moments of exchange between employees, thanks to a careful selection of premium-quality furniture.

Furniture selection

The furniture selection was designed to combine office furniture which offers work areas adapted to the needs of each department with a selection of premium furniture aimed at creating a professional environment in which flexibility, comfort and aesthetics are combined.

The Cider collection includes T’S MEETING meeting tables, I-LAND and ACCADEMIA desks, T.CHAIR and 4US chairs, CLOUD.9 and HAWAÏ sofas.

La Manufacture, the Cider Group’s premium publishing house

A selection of products from the Cider Group’s premium brand completes the furnishings, adding a touch of contemporary design.

You’ll find MOOS sofas by designer Sebastian Herkner, Trio tables by Nendo and Linus chairs by Marco Dessi.


To discover the world of La Manufacture, click here !

The part played by our partner Alive Technology in this project

A careful analysis of usage was carried out to ensure that cabling and all unsightly equipment elements remained invisible, to the benefit of the space’s design.

Thanks to upstream coordination with our partner Alive Technology, the audiovisual technology was perfectly integrated into the S2W installation, in harmony with Cider furniture.


Employees can connect to videoconferencing equipment wirelessly in 1 click, and benefit from the latest automatic video framing techniques with the arrival of artificial intelligence in the cameras.

Everything has been brought together to provide more equitable communication between people working on site and those working remotely.


To find out more about Alive Technology, click here !

T’S MEETING By Cider Edition Voir le produit
I-LAND By Cider Edition Voir le produit
ACCADEMIA By Cider Edition Voir le produit
4US By Cider Edition Voir le produit
MOODY By Cider Edition Voir le produit
CLOUD 9 By Julien Vidame Voir le produit
T-CHAIR By Patrick Norguet Voir le produit
TAGO By Cider Edition Voir le produit
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