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by Levisarha

Valet serves the needs of reception and conviviality areas by offering comfortable seats on wheels that are easy to move and that add a modern touch to the design.

"This sofa has a magical feel to it, we love the wheels that make it easy to move." Lucas



A collection of mobile chairs and sofas designed by Studio LeviSarha for Cider Edition. Flexibility in office environments has never been easier than with Valet! Valet meets your needs in the design of reception and social areas by offering comfortable seating on castors. The style of this collection oscillates between domestic and tertiary.

The tubular metal structure, graphic and sober, is visible. It emphasizes the comfort elements and accommodates various accessories on a ‘plug&play’ principle: shelves of different shapes and sizes, lights, etc. A range that is practical, ergonomic, comfortable, elegant and mobile!

1 – Structure

Wooden frame made of birch multi-ply and rubber sheet, entirely covered with glued foam, 200 mm thick for the seat and 215 mm for the back. It rests on a black powder-coated tubular metal structure finished with castors positioned on the front of the sofa and armchair. The overall lightness of the seat makes it very easy to move around. The tubular steel structure visible on the back and on the sides. The exposed steel tubular structure on the back and sides gives the sofa a much appreciated industrial style.


2 – Seat

The seat is composed of a cushion glued to the structure for the armchair, 2 for the sofas.

3 – Seams

Flat seams are visible on the corners, saddle stitching on the edges.


4 – Covering

Fabric or leather, two-toned or single-toned.


5 – Wheels

Brass wheels surrounded by rubber. Allows the product to be moved around.


Easy to move thanks to its wheels, these armchairs and sofas follow your desires and instantly accompany all your layout variations.

VALET - Armchair
VALET - Armchair

• CFC free

• GREENGUARD certified fabric

• FSC & CARB wood

• Product guaranteed for 2 years

• Indoor air emission quality A+ (ISO 16000)

• Durability of manufacture 5 years

Ecological footprint

Metal black RAL9005
Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Extra leather Leather
Elastron Ascot Black
Elastron Ascot Graphite
Elastron Ascot Toffe
Elastron Boston Mostaza
Elastron Boston Red
Elastron Macau Pearl
Elastron Macau Sand
Elastron Paris Bordeaux
Elastron Paris Safari
Elastron Paris Steel
Elastron Seattle Light Grey
Fidivi Incas 9108
Fidivi Incas 9110
Fidivi One 3530
Fidivi One 5503
Fidivi One 6024
Fidivi One 7033
Fidivi One 8532
Fidivi Orta 9104
Fidivi Orta 9736
Fidivi Torrino 9404
Fidivi Torrino 9416
Flukso Bloom 17
Flukso Bloom 2
Flukso Bloom 46
Flukso Bloom 5
Flukso Bloom 6
Gabriel Bond 60094
Gabriel Bond 67077
Gabriel Chili 60083
Gabriel Chili 60999
Gabriel Chili 61174
Gabriel Chili 64202
Gabriel Chili 64203
Gabriel Cura 66166
Gabriel Cura 68182
Gabriel Cura 68186
Gabriel Felicity 61163
Gabriel Felicity 67083
Gabriel GoCheck 60079
Gabriel GoCheck 61145
Gabriel GoCheck 64183
Gabriel GoCheck 66139
Gabriel GoCheck 68168
Gabriel GoCouture 60079
Gabriel Mood 1103
Gabriel Rondo 61200
Gabriel Rondo 61200
Gabriel Rondo 66201
Gabriel Rondo 67097
Gabriel Rondo 68226
Gabriel Step Melange 60004
Gabriel Step Melange 60011
Gabriel Step Melange 65047
Gabriel Step Melange 66018
Gabriel Tonal 64209
Gabriel Tonal 66185
Gabriel Tonal 67090
Fidivi Corte 9104
Fidivi Corte 9216
Fidivi Corte 9217
Fidivi Corte 9304
Fidivi Corte 9604
Fidivi Corte 9607
Fidivi Corte 9615
Fidivi Corte 9617
Fidivi Corte 9712
Fidivi Corte 9731
Fidivi Corte 9742
Fidivi Corte 9816
Fidivi Laser J 3004
Fidivi Laser J 4017
Fidivi Laser J 8017
Fidivi Terra 1001
Fidivi Terra 1006
Fidivi Terra 7007
Gabriel Contour 6113
Gabriel Contour 61216
Gabriel Contour 62041
Gabriel Contour 66104
Gabriel Contour 66213
Gabriel Contour 68130
Gabriel Contour 68238
Gabriel Contour 68239
Gabriel Mood 1101
Gabriel Mood 1106
Gabriel Mood 2101
Gabriel Mood 2103
Gabriel Mood 4105
Gabriel Morph 10101
Gabriel Morph 13101
Gabriel Morph 14101
Gabriel Morph 2102
Gabriel Morph 2103
Gabriel Morph 3102
Gabriel Morph 6101
Gabriel Swing 51303
Gabriel Swing 51706
Gabriel Swing 51807
Gabriel Swing 52005
Gabriel Swing 52509
Gabriel Swing 52705
Gabriel Swing 53118
Gabriel Swing 53218
Sunbrella Chartres Drizzle
Sunbrella Chartres Heather
Sunbrella Chartres Pearl
Sunbrella Chartres Sooty
Flukso Bloom 9
Jolly Carmen Avio205
Jolly Carmen Mosto 216
Jolly Carmen pink 221
Jolly Carmen verdone 213
Gabriel Breeze Fusion 4002
Gabriel Breeze Fusion 4601
Gabriel Breeze Fusion 4602
Rohi Credo Diamond
Rohi Credo Snow
Rohi Mica Arion
Rohi Mica Flanell
Rohi Mica Indio
Rohi Mica Ivy
Rohi Mica Jungle
Rohi Mica Night
Rohi Milkyway Atik
Rohi Milkyway Gemma
Rohi Milkyway Polaris
Rohi Milkyway Tabit
Rohi Opera Aloe
Rohi Opera Indio
Rohi Opera Macademia
Rohi Opera Pepper
Rohi Opera Sorbet
Rohi Sera Berry
Rohi Sera Calla
Rohi Sera Carbon
Rohi Sera Mirror
Rohi Sera Snow
Rubelli Dicktracy Pietra
Rubelli Dicktracy Pietra
Sorensen Dunes Cognac
Sorensen Racing Grey
Sorensen Royal Nubuk Lava

Technical datasheet

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3D files

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