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by Cider Edition

FlexCab is the leading design solution for creating micro-environments in the workspace with freedom and economy of means. Its high quality acoustics provide excellent sound isolation.

"A room within a room, this module allows you to isolate yourself while staying with other employees." Yann




This acoustic cabin allows micro-environments to be recreated in the workspace for isolation. Faced with the hybridization of activities and the rapid growth of the company, the agile structure of Flexcab, as a real layout solution, makes it possible to configure distinct zones. FlexCab, a way to be more productive while remaining connected to others.

1 – The structure

Structure: Aluminium uprights. The uprights are screwed in order to ensure a good fixing and a high resistance of each configuration. The structural panels are composed of a natural acoustic insulation.


2 – Interior

Melamine panels, fabric panels with acoustic underlay covered with Gabriel fabric or acoustic panels.


3 – Exterior

Melamine panels (can be fully covered).

Panels: straight H 2150 mm

Thickness: 18 mm

4 – Worktops

High resistance melamine top, 25 mm thick and with a density of +/-3% of 770kg/m3. Smooth or lightly textured melamine decor sheet, depending on the choice of finishes. 2 mm thick ABS edges as standard. The top is fixed to the inserts with screws.


5 – Electrification

Standard: 1PC and 1USB rechargeable. Numerous electrification options available.




Aluminium top access
Aluminium top access with tilting access in slow motion.





Attached to the supporting structure and made from a 1 mm thick folded metal sheet.

High quality acoustics
Agile structure

The micro-environment can be adapted to the needs of employees who wish to isolate themselves. The FlexCab can be adapted to suit the activities of its users and can be fitted with various elements such as a bench, a table and a screen.

The magnetic door closure provides excellent sound insulation for a variety of uses: face-to-face meetings, remote conferencing, podcast recording. The fabric covers dampen sound and the curtains provide acoustics and visual privacy.

Freedom of configuration of distinct zones with an economy of means. Simple installation: the number of interventions on the frame is without constraints of electrification, floor to ceiling partitions. Created without a floor, the FlexCab can be installed wherever you want.

FLEXCAB 1P- Micro architecture
FLEXCAB 1.5P- Micro architecture
FLEXCAB 2P- Micro architecture
FLEXCAB 4P- Micro architecture

• CFC free

• GREENGUARD certified fabric

• FSCTM & CARB wood

• PET 01

• Product guaranteed for 5 years

• Indoor air emission quality A+ (ISO 16000)

• 10 year manufacturing life

Ecological footprint

• Italian manufacture

• Assembled in France

• A and E1 classification paint

• Edges with A and E1 classification


Technical datasheet

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2D files

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3D files

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