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The objectives of this showroom were twofold:

To make sure that the place is visited not only with the eyes but with all the senses, to demonstrate uses and not only products, to open up our space and connect us more with our community, with a view to organising meetings, demos, material workshops or co-constructions, as well as festive events. And no longer to drastically and physically separate the work space from the sometimes museum-like space of the showroom.

Secondly, while we were keen to create a feeling of belonging in our visitors when they walked through the doors of our office, we did not want to neglect our employees. The idea was not to become a fake showroom, but rather to offer a real employee experience by symmetry of the attention paid to our visitors.

A resolutely “user-centred” space

We have made sure that our office experience is ‘user-centred’, with furniture that is user-friendly, collaborative and ergonomic in every way. But we are also concerned about the future of our planet, even if it means imposing a few constraints on ourselves in the years to come, in order to use our resources more responsibly.

Today, we are pleased to welcome you to this place. Because it is a reflection of our way of working, of who we are, of what we can offer to others, be it future talents, collaborators, architects, designers or companies. This space is more than a showroom that presents our latest creations, it is a gathering place, with doors always open for its community.

This 750m² space is ideally located in the heart of the 9th arrondissement where the combined expertise of Cider, 2SW and La Manufacture is presented: furniture, fittings and partitioning.


Take advantage of an exclusive experience now: push the door of Cider’s Parisian showroom and discover our offices and products. Visit the showroom through a virtual reality immersion!

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