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More than a year ago, we celebrated the launch of the new Cider Group brand, La Manufacture, by inaugurating our boutique at 3, rue Edouard VII in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. Today, for the brand’s anniversary, we are giving you a gift by inviting you to an “immersive” virtual visit of the boutique.

A brand with a strong concept supported by talented designers

Our latest creation is a meeting of design and fashion, where the je ne sais quoi of French allure is combined with the best of Italian know-how. This magnificent project, which brings together the talents of renowned designers such as Luca Nichetto, Nendo and Patrick Norguet with the stylist Milena Laquale, has proved to be an incredible adventure, a subtle blend of singularity and audacity.

Plongez-vous virtuellement dans l’univers de La Manufacture :